Tracy is an Amazing Community

The past few weeks have been very difficult for people all over the world. Having a devastating virus affect so many people has really affected the world in ways we didn’t even know were possible. We are proud to say, although there are so many negative things happening, our community of Tracy, CA has pulled together to help those who are helping us stay safe and healthy!

Our customers have been amazingly supportive to our local downtown business on the limited days we are open. We want to be there for everyone’s food needs and deciding to have a modified open schedule allows us to do that. We keep Matt safe by limited his exposure to the public, but meet the needs of our customers.

We recently talked in detail about what we could do as a business to say, “Thank You” to some of our first responders in Tracy. These folks are the front line heroes keeping us safe now more than ever! We decided to send our local Fire Stations a little love, support, appreciation and a great pasta meal they can safely prepare at the Fire Station. This was just a little token of our appreciation, along with our friends from Town & Country Cafe’ who donated the warm and delicious focaccia bread!

Many local businesses and people in Tracy have also been supporting local hospital workers, first responders, senior citizens in need and we are so happy to say we are apart of this amazing community of Tracy!

We ask you to keep first responders everywhere in your daily thoughts and prayers! They need it more than we will ever know.

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