We are thankful and blessed you have landed on our website! I want to welcome you to our cellar and table as we share our journey with Scarlata Farms.

It would be simple to say it was easy getting to this point in our lives. We worked tirelessly to put our children through school, buy our home, plan for retirement and everything else in between. Most people think adding a side business to our lives would be un-achievable, but my husband and I are no stranger to hard work.

It was a natural step in life to create Scarlata Farms. It has touched us in every way possible beginning with our food and now with our specialty products. Scarlata Farms and the Farmer’s Cellar began as a passion project and later it grew into a  lifestyle for our family. Our hands touch every piece of the process whether it is hand picking olives from the branches or our daughters creating our labels. It’s a labor of love and fulfillment.

Matt grew up riding a tractor at nine years old with farming in his blood. It wasn’t a surprise when he began growing heirloom tomatoes for our family, then the farmer’s market and later selling them to local restaurants. Our business began with Matt’s desire for the perfect tomato and thrived when I knew it could be a viable business.

Matt is the cultivator of the land and I’m the creator of our brand. I run the business side of Scarlata Farms which can mean anything from crunching the numbers for the next harvest, picking out the new labels for our bottles, speaking with customers and more. We both give a little bit of ourselves with everything we create.

Together, with the help from our daughters Gina and Madison, we work to bring you the highest quality produce, extra virgin olive oil and specialty products. We thank you for taking the time to spend a moment with us at Scarlata Farms.

— Kim Scarlata, Co-Founder of Scarlata Farms